ZIM Customers will benefit from fast transit time and improved port rotation

Starting September, ZIM India-Med Express Line (IMX) will have a new rotation, with significantly faster transit time, making the fastest on the trade.

ZIM will introduce changes to IMX service, as follows: the line will operate 5 vessels, and the round-trip will be shortened to 35 days. The new rotation will commence in Colombo, Sri-Lanka, followed by Nhava-Sheva and Mundra, followed by East Mediterranean ports. Transit time to East Med ports will be reduced significantly, in some ports by a week to 10 days.

Rani Ben-Yehuda, ZIM’s EVP Cross Suez and Atlantic BU, said: “ZIM now offers the fastest and most reliable service between the Indian sub-continent and the Eastern Mediterranean. We continue to upgrade and improve our services, as part of ZIM vision and our customer-oriented approach.”

Here is the transit time table, indicating the improved transit time compared to the previous rotation (in brackets)

To PortColombo (LKCMB)Mundra (INRQL)Haifa
Mersin (TRMER)Alexandria (EGALX)Istanbul
Izmir –
From Port
Colombo (LKCMB)24121416192134
Nhava Sheva (INNHV)110 (17)11 (18)13 (20)17 (24)1932
Mundra (INRQL)8 (19)10 (20)12 (22)15 (26)1730
Haifa (ILHFA)24 (25)25 (22)136821 (29)
Mersin (TRMER)22 (23)24 (20)15720 (27)
Alexandria (EGALX)20 (21)22 (18)3417 (25)
Istanbul Ambarli (TRKPX)17 (17)18 (14)114 (21)
Izmir – Aliaga (TRAGA)151712
Source: ZIM