CHARLESTON, SC – October 31, 2017 – Amid discussions of the world container shipping industry at today’s South Carolina International Trade Conference, SC Ports announced the Supply Chain Authority, an internal consulting service offering resources and expertise to assist customers in improving their supply chains.

“South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) is already known for the customized service we offer shippers and cargo owners, who have extremely complex and constantly-changing global supply chains,” said Jim Newsome, SCPA president and CEO. “Our announcement of the Supply Chain Authority today is the formalization of this process, which often occurs behind the scenes. We look forward to expanding the number of cargo customers who partner with our internal experts to bring clarity to various supply chain components. Our goal is to offer solutions and insight that ultimately give customers one less thing to worry about.”
The Supply Chain Authority represents an internal team working across Port functions – operations and terminals, commercial and economic development, information technology – to provide a customer-centric process focused on understanding individual companies’ unique logistics challenges.
“Our Port plays a key role in the supply chain by offering reliable, productive operations as well as flexibility to meet customer needs,” said Barbara Melvin, SCPA Senior Vice President of Operations and Terminals. “Because of our unique position, we provide more than seamless operations – we share insight, market information and alternative possibilities that can improve an international supply chain. The Supply Chain Authority goes beyond what the Port can do for our customers to make the overall process of doing business easier.”
The Supply Chain Authority can also work with partner organizations and agencies in the state and region that customers may find difficult to access on their own.
“The Supply Chain Authority is a new name, but this approach has benefited our customers for many years,” said Paul McClintock, SCPA Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our team of experts is adept at working with customers individually to understand their business and identify real opportunities to improve reliability and efficiencies within the supply chain. Whether a company is considering South Carolina for a new or expanding operation, or just seeking incremental improvement of its logistical challenges, our team is a valuable resource.”
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Source: SC ports