First, Kentucky shipping containers are constructed of heavy-duty steel, which cannot be easily compromised. Assuming that you have a good lock installed on your shipping container, it will be secure against any burglary attempts. Shipping containers are also weatherproof since they were initially designed to withstand ocean-going weather systems and waves that occasionally reach fifty or sixty feet.

Another reason you might want to obtain a shipping container is their tremendous versatility since they can be used for temporary storage, add-on office space, and even temporary do-it-yourself housing. Many consumers might wonder precisely how a shipping container they’ve rented or purchased will be delivered to their location. This article will discuss how all that occurs, so you won’t need to wonder about it.

Shipping Container Delivery

Once you’ve ordered a shipping container from Container Depot Kentucky, we will deliver your 20-foot or 40 ft container using a flatbed truck or a tilt bed truck. The tilt bed truck permits workers to position the container on the ground when it arrives at your location. Flatbed trucks will generally require you to have a forklift or other type of machinery on site that can move the container off the truck.

Typically, delivery on a flatbed truck is less expensive than a tilt bed truck. In most cases, the delivery cost will depend on how far we are obliged to transport your storage container. Most shipping container companies will have the capacity to make deliveries of containers to wherever your residence or place of business is. If they lack that capability, they usually partner with a third-party trucking company that can provide transport. When purchasing a shipping container, you should ask about delivery options to ensure that your delivery is accomplished at a reasonable price.

Site Preparation

When you have a firm date established for the delivery of your shipping container, you should take a few steps to make sure your site is prepared correctly for receiving the container:

  • Ensure all entrances and exits from your property and the delivery site are cleared of obstacles.
  • It would help if you made yourself available on the day of delivery so that you can assist with the setup process.
  • Make sure there’s enough space for the delivery driver to unload the container at your site and to do any maneuvering that might be necessary.
  • Be prepared to guide the driver so your container can be positioned precisely in your desired spot.
  • If your receptacle is set up on blocks or railroad ties, you should have some help on hand to assist with the positioning.

Contact us about Kentucky shipping containers

If you need extra storage at your residence or business, we hope you’ll contact us at Container Depot Kentucky. We can offer various sizes of Kentucky shipping containers, either new or used, and we make them available on a rental basis, or you can purchase them outright. However you care to arrange it, you can count on having a high-quality container to store all your valuables and keep them safe against weather and any burglary attempts.

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