Most Kentucky shipping containers start out with only one door, and it’s pretty easy to fortify that one door with a strong seal that will prevent any moisture from creeping inside.

Strong watertight seal

Storage containers have to be made watertight to protect goods from all the various forms of weather they endure. That could be rainstorms, hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms, hail, and other conditions that could cause water damage. In addition, these containers are often shipped overseas and must endure the wave action that accompanies sea-going vessels. The steel construction of the container makes it impervious to whatever Mother Nature has to throw against it, and the solid and weather-tight seals make sure the door is not susceptible to leakage or penetration.

There is an important distinction between the terms watertight and waterproof. Concerning Kentucky shipping containers, if a unit is waterproof, a coating has been applied to its outer surface. This will always help prevent water from pooling on the surface, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the unit is entirely impervious to water. In other words, it may not be watertight even though it is ‘waterproof.’ Watertight implies that absolutely no moisture will enter the container under any condition, be it from precipitation, varying temperatures, or groundwater.

Flooding and condensation are also big culprits. Condensation can be mostly controlled via strategically installed ventilation and insulation. Flooding, on the other hand, can be inevitable depending on where you live–especially if you find yourself having to set up a storage container in a low-lying area. To combat this, we strongly recommend placing your storage container on some kind of platform to raise it up off the ground a few inches to allow excess water to pool and collect without damaging your storage containers in Kentucky and the contents within.

You might find a used storage container that is sold ‘as-is,’ and all bets are off in this case. The container may or may not be watertight, and you’d be at the dealer’s mercy to find out which it is. When you rely on a dealer for top-quality Kentucky shipping containers, that will be your best guarantee of having an excellent used water-tight container.

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That’s the kind of reliability and trustworthiness you get from Container Depot Kentucky, where every unit sold or rented has met our standards for quality and performance. When you buy a storage container from Container Depot Kentucky, you can count on it being water-tight and having it protect your valuables indefinitely. Contact us today, so you can rent or buy one of these excellent water-tight Kentucky shipping containers for whatever storage needs you might have.

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